Wednesday, January 31, 2007
posted by Kate at Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Chinese mark their New Year celebrations with much excitement and cheer ! Well-known for its gaiety and splendor, the Chinese New Year is, indeed, a very colorful occasion for its people and for others over the world. Kicking off on a new moon day, the Chinese New Year is a 15 day long celebration, which ends on the full moon night with the famous Festival of Lanterns. These 15 days of the celebration include prayers to ancestors, traditional meals, decorations with symbolic items (usually in red), reuniting with family, visiting friends and relatives, exchanging gifts, shopping, cleaning the house, wearing new clothes, joining in elaborate parades with masks and floats of dragon and the symbolic animal, majestic lion dances, bursting firecrackers and, of course, wishing each other a very happy ‘Xin Nian’ or a very Happy New Year !

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