Saturday, February 3, 2007
posted by Kate at Saturday, February 03, 2007

The Chinese New Year zodiac animal signs are a 12-year cycle used for dating the years and represent a cyclical concept of time. Let us take a close look at what the year 2007 has in store for all the animal signs:

Rat : An eventful and dynamic year bringing about a lot of positive changes for the people belonging to this sign. There will be opportunities aplenty and personal adjustment required to ensure success is attained.

Ox : A busy year than usual. Extensive traveling is on your list of activities. Undertaking responsibility in joint venture with a Pig can be helpful.

Tiger : This year is going to bring loads of happy and joyful moments in your life. This is the time when you will be fortunate in finding the right partner in business or in your love life or perhaps both. Business is going to bring profit manifold.

Rabbit : A great year with lots of friends and well wishers ushering in happy days.

Dragon: A good year for socialising though not a suitable one for ground-breaking new projects. You'll need to fit in with the plans of others.

Snake : This year is the apt time to consolidate resources, to conduct research and update oneself with what’s latest.

Horse : It is better for you people to keep an open mind as opportunities will arrive quite unexpectedly.

Goat : The year will flow quite harmoniously for all belonging to this Chinese zodiac. Significant projects and opportunities are bound to come your way. It is advised that you maintain integrity as far as romance is concerned for your reputation may be at stake.

Monkey : You may have hunches as far as projects and enterprises are concerned so it is advised you don’t rely on them but rather depend on the facts, figures and stats received through your research work. Look deep into the scene; don’t jump into conclusion for there may be more than what meets the eye.

Rooster : You will receive a lot of public attention this year. Analyze and give due attention to things that needs it. Re-evaluate what is of importance to you.

Dog : You may be on a rescue mission and may also have to sacrifice. Be on your guard at all time, keep focus and avoid falling into the trap of getting rich quick scheme.

Pig : It is a happy, optimistic and comfortable year for you. Avoid excess and getting carried away by promises which tempts you for it shall land you up in trouble.

So here's wishing that this new year brings lots of pleasant surprises your way.