Tuesday, February 6, 2007
posted by Kate at Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Both socially and culturally, food occupies the lion’s share of the Chinese New Year celebrations.Apart from being deliciously irresistible, the traditional Chinese food is rich in symbolism. Each item of the Chinese New Year menu has a purpose of inclusion and meaning. For instance, fish (yu) symbolizes ‘success’ or ‘abundance’, turnips (cai tou) stand for ‘good omen’, meat balls (rou wan) for ‘reunion’, dumplings for ‘good luck and fortune’, noodles for ‘longevity’ etc. This is one very interesting feature of the Chinese food.

In the Chinese New Year menu, you can go for barbeque meats, pork, shrimp terriyaki, mushrooms, various kinds of noodles, dim sum, beef, fried rice, the yummy fortune cookies, sesame balls, almond cookies, seafood, the Chinese tea and not to forget the Chinese New Year cake !That’s sure to give your New Year the perfect kickoff !