Sunday, February 11, 2007
posted by Kate at Sunday, February 11, 2007

The celebration of the Chinese New Year is a common platform shared by the Chinese community to resuscitate their rich cultural heritage brought from their homeland. Chinese New Year celebration in San Francisco originated in 1860’s with the phenomenal Gold Rush and is acclaimed as the largest event in North America as well as in Northern California. Chinatown located in San Francisco is a hot destination during the time of the Chinese New Year.

Celebrations in Chinatown to a large extent is influenced not only by the customs imported from China, but over the years has also adapted itself to the variegated cultures of the United States. This once a year festivity has many attractions like Chinese New Year Flower Fair, Chinatown Community Street Fair, the Chinese Carnival, Miss Chinatown USA beauty contest and above all the Chinese Parade, a blend of American marching parades and traditional Lantern festival of China. The Golden Dragon (Glum Lung) which is 201 feet long always features at the end of the parade as a sign of the grand finale accompanied by 600,000 loud, crackling firecrackers.

The New Year celebration in San Francisco is kicked off with the “Chinese New Year Flower Fair”. Throughout the two day fair, traditional Chinese dance and musical extravaganza along with an array of entertainment from other Asian cultures are performed, setting the main stage on fire. The “Chinatown Community Street Fair” takes place over the weekend of the Chinese New Year Parade and cultural arts such as lantern, calligraphy, kite making, fine arts demonstration, folk dance and puppet shows are at display.

This little town hailed by the name of Chinatown thus exuberates the joy brought forth by the Chinese New Year and transforms this foreign land into a haven for the Chinese community.

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