Friday, February 16, 2007
posted by Kate at Friday, February 16, 2007

With the Chinese New Year just a day away, it is but natural to be in a complete chaotic state of mind as you try to figure out what could have been missed out. Time to make a check list and find out what you could do at this last hour to ensure that the New Year is ushered amidst lot of joy and hullabaloo.....

While I was making my checklist I figured out that I missed on buying nice, cute lil gifts for my chinese friends to wish them happiness and good luck in the coming year. Here are some of the gift ideas that you could possibly buy for your freinds and relatives:

1. As china is renowned for its silk and porcelain, this is an ideal gift idea for those who loves to stick to conventional gifts.

2. A chinese good luck bracelet to fend away all evil is a unique way to wish your friends success in the forthcoming year.

3. For youngsters who wants to go experimental, they can gift a cool customized tee with the friend's name in front and the zodiac sign he belongs to sporting at the back of the tee. This I feel is truly a funky gift idea. What say you?

4. For those of your friends who are loyal followers of Feng shui, presenting them with feng shui related decorative items is not a bad idea at all. Listed below are some of them -

a) Bagua-shaped things like an ornate mirror or showpiece that can be placed in a strategic place to deflect negative chi.
b) Crystal pendant for your friends to flaunt on the festive day or crystal showpiece to attract positive chi into one's environment is definitely a great idea. Gifting one with a crystal singing bowl to be placed at strategic locations in one's homes and offices, is an ideal gift idea for it helps to achieve the desired balance between yin and yang.
c) A set of chinese coins for attracting money into your life is also a wonderful way to greet your friends a Happy New Year.

Last but not the least, don't forget to wrap these gift items in beautiful red cases or red color gift wrapping papers as red in chinese is considered to be an auspicious color, representing good luck and success. Hope you find some of these gift ideas helpful!

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